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Soy Felizz Tengo un nuevo Arbol! I'm happy because I have an other tree..!
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Liliana yo sólo quería pasar por aquí y decir hola ... Espero que el año nuevo va muy bien para usted mi amigo.
KITTEHLADY ( & BIGLOR & YORKIE ) *  Regular trees 4ever * XXXX

  • by Liligr 02/01/2012 At 13:54
Thanks a lot! Happy happy new year!!!

Liliana Te deseo un muy feliz año nuevo en el 2012 mi amigo
Gracias por regar mis árboles para mí! _!
Paz Amor y Prosperidad * Tu amigo el romero
  • by Liligr 10/11/2011 At 14:01
Your welcome! I try to join my oxigen.. friends, love, wisdom.. and trees.. your tree it's wonderful and powerful.
Beautiful names for Beautiful trees my friend... thank you for visiting my new tree Mystical Visions *_* i still believe in flower faeries * * *
Thank you for watering!!!
It is very kind to water my trees. Thank you
  • by Liligr 26/09/2011 At 13:56
Thanks at all!
  • by Yorkie 24/09/2011 At 05:21
Thanks for watering my trees Liliana. Good luck with your dream I hope it works out for you, please keep us are living our dream. have a nice weekend.
  • by Liligr 23/09/2011 At 16:38
Thanks! And Yes!! I'm in contact with Dexter (Pedregoza)!
Dear Liliana,

I hope your dream with the eco reserve comes true. I'm sure, other members at Tree-Nation can help you locally.

Kind regards
   Thomas /aka/ Seed_and_grow
Hallo Liliana,
thanks for watering and have a nice day!

  • by Liligr 22/09/2011 At 18:33
It's a pleasure!
Hi Liliana,
thank you for watering my trees!
Have a nice day!
Lavendel ;-)
Liligr sé que su sueño de una reserva ecológica va a pasar por ti:)
Liligr gracias por regar mis árboles para mí 
& Los invito a unirse a mi bosques si te gusta! _!  &  !_!  : )

  • by Liligr 20/08/2011 At 20:06 (Comment edited 22/08/2011 at 09:55)
I have 1ha in Quebrada de la Luna - Argentina. My dream is make a ecologic reserve. But.. now I'm making my steps:
1. Buy a House near my forest.
2. Legalice my posesion (but I need money)..
3. Buy more ha and project to plan more trees, protect animals..etc..
4. Leave in my land.. but.. in five, sixs.. years..