Ziziphus mauritiana
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Ziziphus trees are able to thrive and produce fruits in arid or semi-arid regions. One idealist describes this species as "a gift of mother nature which symbolizes the productive capacity of the seemingly infertile ecosystem". A suitable description of its value is that it produces what the desert dwellers need: fruit, fodder, and fuel. These species are able to survive in extremely high temperatures. Most of the Ziziphus we plant are first grafted by us.

Traditional medicine
Animal Nutrition
Human nutrition

Common names: Sidr, Pomme du Sahel, Ber, Boroi, Indian Jujube, Chinee Apple, Sidr or Cottony Jujube
Latin Name: Ziziphus Mauritiana
Family: Rhamnaceae
Height: 15m
Foliage type: evergreen
Absorbed CO2: 15.00 Kg/year for 10 years = 150 Kg over its lifetime*
* Trees absorbs most of their CO2 during their growth period
Tree life expectancy: 30 years

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