Noticed plantation updates

Tapir in La Pedregoza tree cultivations

We are very happy to announce that we have spotted endangered tapirs in the La Pedregoza tree plantations…
Apr / 03 / 2016 3 comments

Extending the drip irrigation system, Dosso

 Thanks to the 2015 funding from our Sponsor ARaymond, we could proceed with the extension of the…
Mar / 15 / 2016 0 comments

This is the Bore tree nursery with 44000 seedlings

This is the Bore tree nursery with 44000 seedlings. We have enough water to irrigate daily. We are happy…
Jan / 25 / 2016 1 comments

Suprising cashew tree

Suprising cashew tree which has produced fruits in four months old.
Jan / 25 / 2016 4 comments

Bore has changed to a very green area

Bore has changed to a very green area after planting of several plants through our project.
Jan / 12 / 2016 3 comments

Neem Forest!

 We are all OK at Bore the same time we are very happy with our new neem forest.(Sent from our…
Dec / 18 / 2015 2 comments

250 baby trees transplanted!

 These awesome women transplanted over 250 baby trees just now. Future cocoa trees and hardwoods…
Dec / 17 / 2015 1 comments

Women and Disabled Workers in Bore

Job opportunities are few and far between for young women in rural Kenya so we try to employ as many…
Nov / 24 / 2015 1 comments
Our planting projects
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421 Members icon191 Trees
Objective 2017 25000

This afforestation and reforestation project is located in the Orinoco River basin of Colombia. The plantation is designed to provide long-term economic sustainability for the adjacent natural reserve, dedicated to the conservation of local flora & fauna. We use natural farming techniques to do so.

326 Members icon1589 Trees
Objective 2017 10000

The project helps preserving the amazing biodiversity of Madagascar. It also aspires to reduce deforestation in the island, proving that preserving a forested area, while exploiting and making a sustainable use of it, is more profitable than destroying it.

236 Members icon3 Trees
Objective 2017 2000

The project aims to build and lead associative groups committed to act at a local scale in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais territory. Micro-actions are set in place to expand the woodlands cover and better interconnect the ecosystem they belong to. Eco-citizenship and participation are project's core values.

172 Members icon149 Trees
Objective 2017 15000

A community-based reforestation initiative that regroups small-scale farming families to develop ecosystem services for the voluntary carbon market. Participants reforest and maintain under-utilized portions of their land in exchange for payments for ecosystem services.

144 Members icon70 Trees
Objective 2017 500

We reforest degraded cattle pastures owned by Costa Ricans with diverse native trees, professionally managed for 25 years. Benefits include maximum capture of carbon dioxide, preservation of species of tropical plants and animals, and conservation of water supplies.

143 Members icon1155 Trees
Objective 2017 15000

Sooner or later, our world is going to overheat if we do not protect and conserve the planet's tropical forests. Since 2007, this unique project has been working closely with ordinary Kenyan subsistence farmers to find ways to help them grow new food crops that reduce the stress on their forest.

96 Members icon13 Trees
Objective 2017 1500

To restore native forests and add value to the local heritage we want to regenerate the biodiversity connectivity, the agro-silvo-pastoral cultures of the northern peninsula, the soil quality while reforesting protected natural areas hit by wildfires a few years ago.

93 Members icon18 Trees
Objective 2017 500

This project, situated on a 16 hectare parcel of land inside a natural reserve, involves the planting of a botanical garden in the Orinoco River basin to conserve its traditional medicinal trees and plants. The project is being done together with the Missouri Botanical Gardens in the USA.

45 Members icon599 Trees
Objective 2017 4000

Le projet « Planter pour la Planète » a été lancé par Madame Wangari Maathaï. Au Burkina, nous plantons dans la province du Sanguié en suivant les conseils de l’agroforesterie afin de faire reculer le désert.

799 Members icon28 Trees
Objective 2017 1000

This project is aimed at fighting desertification and poverty. The products of the plantation alleviate malnutrition and generate high revenues offering the population new development opportunities.

303 Members icon0 Trees
Objective 2017 200

The project aims to regenerate and improve the soil while reforesting the “Rio Blanco” region. Moreover the project benefits the local population by increasing drinkable water availability.