Who we are

Jojo is a new shoe brand, that tends to create and distribute a product with a strong concept that carries with it a positive action that benefits the environment.
A name that makes you smile, an innovative shoe and a positive contribution, both to humankind and to the
environment; the elements of this project, expressed as 3 actions, are: Choose, Act & Check.
- Choose: Choose the model you like.
- Act: Decide which project you want to support.
- Check: Follow the progress of your project.

Our Trees

Total Trees: 1525

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Our eco-engagement

1 pair of Jojos = 1 tree
planted in Africa
1 pair of Jojos = 1 year of
drinking water for one person
in Africa

The choice of replanting trees and installing water pumps in Africa was not an accidental one. These two projects are an integral part of the United Nations sponsored 2002 “Millennium Project”. This initiative involves, among other things, proposing a concrete action plan for ensuring the sustainability of our environment as well as access to drinking water for all. This action plan is accompanied by concrete aims to be achieved by 2015.

Because wearing “Jojos” signifies joining a movement, each pair will be marked with a distinctive symbol that clearly identifies which project the buyer has chosen to support. Green for the tree, blue for the water.

The strength of a project like Jojo lies in the fact that every customer can find out about how the project they chose to support is progressing. It’s a simple equation: choose, act & check. This is the commitment Jojo makes to its customers.