Impact: Raise awareness

Theme: Light through the trees

With this new photo contest, Tree-Nation wants to show the shining beauty of trees illuminated by natural light. Share with our community your tree-photo on this theme and get a change to win a tree!

Deadline: August 15th, 2013. We will announce the winners on the August 20th, 2013.

Prizes: 1 beautiful tree + 10 Extra water drops for every winner. We select 3 winners at each competition. First prize: Baobab, second prize: Ziziphus Mauritiana, and third price: Moringa Oleifera.

Terms & condition relating to the usage: The best photos will be published in the Tree-Art section of Tree-Nation and on our platform (,, and

How to upload your photos:

1 - Upload your photos in your profile
2 - Once your photo uploaded, do a right-mouse click to "Copy" the URL of the picture
3 - Come back to the competition page and add a new reply.
4 - Inside this reply, use the yellow picture botton  and "Paste" the URL of the picture!

- 3 pictures per person max
- As much as possible, please describe the species of the tree, the place, and the story behind the shot. Write below the picture the name of the specie and the country of origin.
-Don't forget to join the forest "Photo Competitions!" to be updated with our next photo contests!

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  • by Nitin Sevak 16/08/2013 At 02:54 (Comment edited 16/08/2013 at 03:04)

 Species of Tree :- Pipal Tree, ( Indian holy tree) 
Place :- Nadurbarl,Gujarat-Maharashtra border, India.
Shot :-Indian holy tree in the farm. In the pictur Man,Women,Animal and Pipal Tree. Beauty of tree came out in that light.
  • by Nitin Sevak 16/08/2013 At 02:53 (Comment edited 16/08/2013 at 03:07)

 Species of Tree :-  Forest Tree. Not Sure,
Place :- Near Sasan Gir Forest,Gujarat,India.
Shot :-Without leaves tree like a beautiful shape with great cloud and light.
  • by AnnaS302 15/08/2013 At 20:39 (Comment edited 15/08/2013 at 20:50)

 From such small sprout will grow big and powerful tree. This spring I was on the Crimean peninsular. It was really amazing,when I saw such small sprout on the seashore in the sand! I hope it will grow and next time when I will arrive there i will see the big tree
Country: Ukraine
Specie: unknown

  • by indialusitana 15/08/2013 At 20:15 (Comment edited 15/08/2013 at 22:40)

 Sky light trees, trees light in me. Inside wind , I hope you know what I mean 

Corse - France

In Ponte de Lima, Portugal, I found this really pleasant place. The coolness underneath the lemon trees contrasts with the hot summer sun above.
Specie: Lemon tree; Country: Portugal

Trough the forest of Bussaco, I found a beautifull scene where a magnificent tree, lightened by the sun, grows up near a lake.
Specie: Eucalyptus regnans; Country: Portugal

The National Forest of Bussaco is well known for its importance in the History of Portugal, as well by its fauna and flora. The sun was illuminating the palace gardens and the trees dancing with the wind.
Species: Pseudotsuga menziesii and Araucaria bidwillii; Country: Portugal
  • by MapsF 15/08/2013 At 16:32

The last sunbeam was captured trough the trees of the witcing place of Cabreia, in Portugal. A fresh and snug moment.
Specie: Eucalyptus; Country: Portugal
  • by MapsF 15/08/2013 At 16:18 (Comment edited 15/08/2013 at 16:33)

Such a magic moment it was when a group of vacationers decided to grill some meat, somewhere under the trees of Cabreia. The midday sun lightened this instant.
Specie: Eucalyptus; Country: Portugal

  • by pantana 15/08/2013 At 16:15 (Comment edited 15/08/2013 at 16:46)

Localización: España,Catalunya

Especie: Olivo