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87 Members icon848 Trees
Objective Forest
Trasformare il deserto in una può!Cominciando da un'oasi.....;-) To transform a desert in a's possible!!Beginning from an oasi....;-)
like a child
32 Members icon703 Trees
Objective Forest
dedicate trees for everyone and everything - start with the trees for Manni (geht zum 01.10.2012 zurück nach Hamburg [würde ich auch gern])
Working success
1 Members icon4 Trees
Objective Bush
Neil Armstrong : That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind »
Les arbres de mémoire
30 Members icon710 Trees
Objective Forest
Une forêt d'arbres plantés en mémoire des défunts dont nous avons organisé les funérailles.
Green revolution
1 Members icon4 Trees
Objective Bush
Dedicated to going back to basics. Living from nature and with nature. Greening our energy, our lifestyles and our future.
Preserve Madagascar Biodiversity
67 Members icon1163 Trees
Objective Reached!
Protect Madagascar Biodiversity from deforestation by planting trees!
To my wild common BlackBird
2 Members icon10 Trees
Objective Grove
This forest is dedicated to my wild common BlackBird "Daryl".
9 Members icon1015 Trees
Objective Reached!
Treecity shall become a forest for many trees.
The Economist' forest
18087 Members icon134947 Trees
Objective Reached!
Welcome in the Economist' forest.
A forest for dreamers
41 Members icon64 Trees
Objective Wood
Planting a tree for every dream
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