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Les arbres de mémoire
42 Members icon1058 Trees
Objective Reached!
Une forêt d'arbres plantés en mémoire des défunts dont nous avons organisé les funérailles.
Bee forest
74 Members icon774 Trees
Objective Forest
Forest dedicated to the hard working folk that are called the bees. Without them the world would be a whole different place.
7 Members icon21 Trees
Objective Grove
Un bosco che raccoglie un pensiero al mese per la Terra ...prima parte, la seconda parte in kenia!
37 Members icon76 Trees
Objective Wood
Some trees here have been around for months, years, and need to be watered to completion. We can do this together. Post any you find…
Our love forest
2 Members icon5 Trees
Objective Bush
To celebrate the love of Fred & Melina.
1 Members icon15 Trees
Objective Grove
Based in Rome, Fusolab is a nonprofit organization of young people whose aim is the development and redevelopment of the suburbs through the promotion of…
1 Members icon1 Trees
Objective Bush
Wishing more peace in this world
Willy birthday's forest
1 Members icon30 Trees
Objective Grove
I tuoi amici Alessia, Chiara, Vittoria, Giulia, Lisa, Silvia, Erica, Seba, Nicolò, Beto, Pavi, Vincio, Gio, Matteo, Michele, Edo, Francesco e David, per il tuo…
Vegan Forest
4 Members icon71 Trees
Objective Wood
Even if you're not a vegan, you're welcome to be a part of this idea and reduce your consumption of animal products. Please feel free…
Pieter Hoff's Forest
4 Members icon50 Trees
Objective Wood
A forest to honour an inspiring tree planter!
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