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Mystical forest of the bears.
22 Members icon37 Trees
Objective Grove
Bears in Spain, this forest gives you protection and food.
Les arbres de mémoire
25 Members icon614 Trees
Objective Forest
Une forêt d'arbres plantés en mémoire des défunts dont nous avons organisé les funérailles.
La forêt magique des parents voyageurs
7 Members icon10 Trees
Objective Grove
A l'origine, un article invité sur un blog de parents voyageurs : Petits Globetrotteurs ( Puis l'envie de s'associer à d'autres parents pour faire un…
African Baobab Tree (Endangered Specie no. 3)
6 Members icon4 Trees
Objective Bush
This forest is made to put the ten most endangered tree species under your attention. Continuing with the number 3 of the list: The African…
International Day of Biodiversity
20 Members icon14 Trees
Objective Grove
May 22 is International Day of Biodiversity, let's celebrate!
Amazonian rain forest
27 Members icon186 Trees
Objective Wood
If you like to preserve the green lungs of our planet, please feel free to add you tree(s) to this forest.
Tree-Photo of the day
51 Members icon113 Trees
Objective Wood
Every day I want to show in this forest some amazing photo of our beloved trees and nature! I hope you like it:) You are…
Great Madagascar Forest
56 Members icon379 Trees
Objective Forest
Alamanga project,in Madagascar,is a beautyful project to protect the biodiversity and teach local people how using well the land is more more better than destroy…
A Magical Forest
50 Members icon177 Trees
Objective Wood
Let's give magic to the Earth by planting magic trees
Dragon Tree (Endangered Specie no. 2)
31 Members icon121 Trees
Objective Wood
This forest is made to put the ten most endangered tree species under your attention. Continuing with the number 2 of the list: The Dragon…
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