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A Magical Forest
54 Members icon199 Trees
Objective Wood
Let's give magic to the Earth by planting magic trees
Dragon Tree (Endangered Specie no. 2)
33 Members icon127 Trees
Objective Wood
This forest is made to put the ten most endangered tree species under your attention. Continuing with the number 2 of the list: The Dragon…
Forest Tree dwellers
72 Members icon563 Trees
Objective Forest
This forest is dedicated to all animal tree dwellers. Koala, lemurs, pandas, bears, sloths, squirrels, ... you are all welcome!
Forest of Tigers
46 Members icon90 Trees
Objective Wood
This forest is dedicated to these wonderful big cats...
Bee forest
52 Members icon634 Trees
Objective Forest
Forest dedicated to the hard working folk that are called the bees. Without them the world would be a whole different place.
To Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love
35 Members icon150 Trees
Objective Wood
"Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love" are the four virtues exalted in William Blake's poem "The Divine Image" as the paragon of humanity. With your help,…
Kenya - here we come 2
20 Members icon2216 Trees
Objective Reached!
since we have multiple plantations: lets start in all of them.
like a child
36 Members icon799 Trees
Objective Forest
dedicate trees for everyone and everything - start with the trees for Manni (geht zum 01.10.2012 zurück nach Hamburg [würde ich auch gern])
The Whiskers' Syndicate
12 Members icon20 Trees
Objective Grove
The Whiskers' Syndicate is a cat sanctuary in Bandung, Java, Indonesia. The only one, and in a country with NO animal welfare laws. It is…
Anti plastic bag forest
20 Members icon29 Trees
Objective Grove
For all the people who dont buy and use plastic bags
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