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Be Good
3 Members icon2 Trees
Objective Bush
Be Good is a natural mineral water from Bergslagen which finances the construction of wells and pumps in vulnerable parts of the world.
the forest of life
2 Members icon11 Trees
Objective Grove
gli alberi ci aiutano a vivere e noi dobbiamo aiutare loro a nascere
MyHappyPlanet by MyHappyHour
13 Members icon1154 Trees
Objective Reached!
If you like our proposal, please share / Si te gusta nuestra propuesta, comparte / Si tu aimes notre proposition, partage-la:
1 Members icon1 Trees
Objective Bush
ARBRE-ÉVOLUTION est un programme soutenant la recherche en développement durable, la mise en valeur du bois, la plantation d'arbres et la sensibilisation à la forêt.
a wonderful orchestra of trees
15 Members icon11 Trees
Objective Grove
A forest as an orchestra, where each element has its role, its importance and its distinctive timbre. And all of them are necessary and indispensable…
Forest Alutronic
10 Members icon511 Trees
Objective Forest
Welcome to our Alutronic forest! We process and sell semi-finished aluminum products from both, recycled and primary aluminum. We like to give something back to…
Yacouba Sawadogo
1 Members icon3 Trees
Objective Bush
3 Members icon21 Trees
Objective Grove
This is the project of the compagny In order to compensate our total annual emissions of CO2 we will plant a forest. For each…
Pro or Anti Nuclear?
28 Members icon1 Trees
Objective Bush
Is nuclear a cost-effective way to reduce CO2 emissions?
La forêt Holcim
244 Members icon10007 Trees
Objective Reached!
Holcim France fait partie du groupe suisse Holcim Ltd, acteur majeur de la production de ciment, granulats, béton prêt à l’emploi et des services associés.
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