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Tree-Nation is the planting community united against climate change.

Planters, companies and world citizens team-up on Tree-Nation to develop high standards reforestation projects in order to fight climate change, deforestation and help local economies. Start to Plant >

Members' testimonials

From one person's idea to plant trees in the desert has grown this wonderful site called Tree Nation. It is made up of people from all over the world who are concerned about the future of this planet of ours; who realise that trees are our life blood and our lungs; who care enough to  plant more in order to counteract the wholesale destruction of our world in the name of profit.   We don't all have the space or the opportunity to plant for ourselves but with Tree Nation we can contribute a little (or a lot!) and watch the forests grow.  Please join us and help to heal our beautiful world. 

Barbara aka Dragonmaid