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Tree-Nation is the planting community united against climate change.

Planters, companies and world citizens team-up on Tree-Nation to develop high standards reforestation projects in order to fight climate change, deforestation and help local economies. Start to Plant >

Members' testimonials

When Rosebud first sent me an invite to join TreeNations, I was very reluctant to do so because I had so many other things to deal with already.  Eventually I did join, however, and I am ever so happy to have done so!  Apart from the obvious tree planting throughout the world, I have met absolutely amazing people on this site and made so many magnificient and supportive new friends, my head is still spinning.  I feel absolutely honoured having become a member and am still wondering how I have managed to contribute to planting over 300 trees in a very short time, again with the help and support of all my new TN friends.
Long may this site grow together with the newly planted trees world-wide and a great big thank you to everybody contributing to this wonderful project!  xoxoxox